Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Melissa Etheridge Speaks About Cancer and How Marijuana Restored Her Health

There is a huge divide in this country when it comes to the issue of Cannabis (I will be posting more on the subject). I think the divide has been caused by the misinformation and propaganda surrounding this sacred herb. If you don't know already I am an avid supporter for the medicinal use of Cannabis which some could say would make me biased on this issue but I think it's deeper than that. I think that every human being is a supporter of health and would support anything that is beneficial to our health and if it turns out that Cannabis is good for you beyond a shadow of a doubt then I think everyone would stand behind it. With the recent flood of reports of the dark side of synthetic pharmaceutical drugs: addictions, side effects, etc. There is more of a demand for natural homeopathic remedies that are a lot safer and 9 out 10 times a lot more effective.

With this growing demand for homeopathic remedies came a wide-spread growing awareness of the health benefits of using this sacred herb. Melissa Etheridge a Grammy award winning American singer was on Anderson Cooper discussing her experience with stage II breast cancer and her introduction to medicinal marijuana. She stated that she could not imagine going through the chemo-therapy without using cannabis and that cannabis dramatically restored her health. She is now a major supporter for cannabis' legalization in this country. Here is the video:

There are numerous testimonies out there of the miraculous healing that cannabis has provided people with a wide variety of illnesses. Not to mention marijuana has been used medicinally for thousands of years from India to China. Marijuana is still a schedule I drug which is up there with cocaine and heroin which in my eyes is ridiculous and sad because you have millions of people populating our prisons because they were either selling or using this harmless beneficial herb which is eating our tax dollars frivolously. In some cases these non violent offenders are doing more time in jail than pedophiles. On the brighter side the advocacy for its medicinal use is growing and as of now 13 states have legalized its medicinal use. I applaud people like Melissa Etheridge because of her courage to stand by her principles. It is people like her that can change people's spoon fed perspective on cannabis and have the pull to help make reformations on the laws against cannabis. Like always come to your own conclusion on this and any other topic. One love much respect and legalize me... Jack Treez

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