Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Phraydoe Peans: Psychedelic Hip Hop

I love Hip Hop culture but with more and more new Hip Hop acts sounding the same, originality in Hip Hop is starting to be like water in a desert. I say Hip Hop acts because most of these rappers are literally acting, putting on an act in front of y'all of an image or mask that is not grounded in reality. Most of these cats, but not all, are rhyming about things they have never personally experienced (CB4) or are rhyming about things they think we want to hear (money, cars, hoes and the occasional homicide), instead of speaking from the heart which is true art and in my opinion real Hip Hop. One example I can give you is platinum selling Texan rapper Paul Wall. This dude was a devoted baptist who use to bring a bible with him every day to high school! You can see testimonies of this in the Beef IV DVD where they put that information out. I can go on and list other cats but it's really besides the point. There are, however, artists in the game who keep it 100 and come through with something different and original which is what Hip Hop is all about. A lot of good up and coming Hip Hop artists can be found in the underground independent scene (you just got to really look hard). One cat in particular caught my ears and eyes. He goes by the phonetically spelled name Phraydoe Peans. Phraydoe is not only representing Hip Hop culture but is an avid supporter for the cannabis culture which already makes him a friend of mine. I watched his music video on the Myspace and it had a psychedelic feel that you don't see or hear in Hip Hop (not to mention that he's breaking bud up on the guitar and rolling a blunt before he starts to spit *420*). Its like if Pink Floyd was doing Hip Hop this is what they would sound like. Below you'll find his music video for a song called "Weather in My Head" off his new EP called Extraterrestrial. If you are able to load a bowl or roll a blunt I recommend you do so now, because this is definitely a song you would want to smoke to and if not the video and song will make you feel high anyways.

I personally love this song because it doesn't have any pretentious ego in it which is very rare in the Hip Hop game and I can relate to the whole metaphor of having so much shit going on in your head that it feels like a thunderstorm is jumping off in your my cranium. On top of all that I read that he produces, writes his own music and runs his own label called Godlike Entertainment which is breaking the whole lazy pothead stereotype. Overall his music's vibe is definitely something you can smoke to which is why I felt the need to share it with you.

You can find more info on him at or you can check out his site which has some crazy videos on there like Tu Pac speaking out on the Illuminati. Hope you enjoyed the music and the video. One love, much respect and legalize me. Jack Treez

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  1. nice song & video! for those moments i like also guille quero.